Positive Disintegration as a Path Through Transformation

“Positive Disintegration” is a theory of personality and spiritual development by Kazimierz Dabrowski. A selection of links, including basic explanations of the theory, are provided below.

When we awaken to an incident, a society, a nation, or a world gone awry, which we recognize as lacking empathy, as cruel, uncivilized, narcissistic, we also become aware of the failures and darkness of our own lives, the shadows we easily avoid in mirrors as we prepare for the day so we can go about our lives obliviously, even blissfully unaware of the truth about ourselves and our own values and, therethrough, to our responsibly for a narcissistic society we’ve at the least accepted, but, in reality, helped create.

My first encounter with The Theory of Positive Disintegration (TPD) in the paper[1] “Our Positive Disintegration,” by Elizabeth Mika, was enlightening, drawing me back repeatedly to understand more about the process, previously unaware there was a name—other than stress, anxiety, depression, and/or trauma—for the disturbing sensations I was experiencing resulting from self-examination and the confrontation of my own shadow. The term “Positive Disintegration” made sense.

We are shattered to bits like a crystal goblet hurled to the floor, our illusions, broken—disintegrating, as are we, but the outcome of this painful, sometimes torturous process is well worth the effort because it is not only positive, but wondrous, resulting in moral and spiritual transformation as, step by step, we challenge ourselves to evolve. This process is happening now, all around the planet. People are awakening to higher values. We have only to join as one to create an empathic society where our love, respect, and connections to each other are vastly more important than power and wealth. Then every individual, every life on Earth, and, verily, the Earth herself may flourish.

Positive Disintegration links:

A basic introduction: Wikipedia:

Elizabeth Mika:
“Nothing is Wasted: On Brokenness and Grace”

“Our Positive Disintegration”

“Theory of Positive Disintegration as a Model of Personality Development for Exceptional Individuals” (HTML PAGES 1 AND 2)

“Ecce Homo: Adam Chmielowski’s journey through positive disintegration”

“On primary integration, psychopathy, and the average person”

“Third Factor Magazine”
Editors: Jessie Mannisto and Chris Wells

“Welcome to Third Factor Magazine”

“An Introduction to Dabrowski’s Levels and Dynamisms”

“The Positive Disintegration of Robert F. Kennedy, Parts I and II”

Bill Tillier:
“The Theory of Positive Disintegration” by Kazimierz Dabrowski

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